Friday, 19 April 2013

Tick, tick and tick

Its no wonder I was at bursting point. Not only did my husband take me to Paris when I was 50, he took me there for my 50th birthday and this is where I spent the day itself.

I think this is tick number one. That is one impressive structure and there is no denying its size - plus its all there. I took dozens of pictures of the tower just to make sure one of them would fit the bill and this is one of my particular favourites.
Okay so I'm no David Bailey but I don't claim to be, I just like to take pictures. Some I like and some I don't and this one I do.
Anyone that knows me, knows that I hate having my photograph taken, mainly due to the fact that I'm not over-keen on the way that I look but giddy from the happiness of being in Paris and what was about to happen I did succumb and allow this to be taken.
 That's me perched on the wall trying not to slide backwards.
The Tower was everything that I wanted it to be and more. I'm not a fan of heights but I wasn't scared at all, not even at the top. I was just so excited. This is me drinking pink champagne at the summit.
 See those earrings? My darling husband gave me those when I woke up. The diamonds aren't real or at least they'd better not be or we are seriously bankrupt but cubic zirconia is the new diamond at least in the birth stone world. I was just so happy waking up in Paris on my birthday that I didn't need another gift but he said that I had to have something to open.
One last picture from the tower,

the steps that I had been sitting on in the third picture is somewhere down there.
Yikes that's high.
Now to my second tick.
I ate my favourite dessert on a daily basis, in fact I think I had it twice one day but this is the actual one that I ate at an outside table.
Note the sun/shade thing happening on the table. This particular beauty was enjoyed at brasserie in Montmatre, just round the corner from Le Sacre Coeur, which incidentally is one gorgeous cathedral.
We had climbed the 300 plus steps to the top of the bell tower so I think I'd earned my treat. That and the salade niscoise and the beer that made up the rest of the meal. Here is one of those smaller domes pictured from above and yes I had walked all that way, Phew!!!

And to my third tick.
We picnicked a lot in Paris. The weather was incredible (25/ 26 degrees) and the parks are just perfect for that sort of thing but the picnic that wins the prize for being the most special  was eaten here.

and this is what we were looking at.
We visited a boulangerie to buy sandwiches, savouries and sables and then we ate on the banks of The Seinne in the shadow of Notre Dame.
I'm sure you can guess from the first of those two pictures that we also climbed the tower there. We were up in Quasimodo's home and it was amazing. Like I said earlier I don't like heights but never before have I been so happy to climb hundreds of steps to get high up. Everything was such a thrill.
I was taught at a Notre Dame school and as I was walking around the words of the school song kept going through my head and I felt a bit like I was at home. It was really weird.
Paris as a whole was fantastic, not just because it gave me the chance to tick three things off my list but because it is a place that I have always wanted to visit and it was as magical as I expected it to be. The whole four days were full to the brim of wonderful experiences and I will never forget them.

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